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How QuoteWizard Insurance Leads Work

  • People shopping for insurance online fill out our detailed forms to receive quotes.
  • QuoteWizard matches these people with agents based on selected filters and territory in real time.
  • We monitor the close rates and lead returns from all of our customers. We use this data to improve every customer's lead mix in order to achieve the best possible close rates.

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Quotewizard Lead Search Results

4 Reasons Why Successful Agents Buy Insurance Leads

Insurance leads are the quickest way to grow your agency's book of business.

From pursuing friends and family for referrals to sending out mailers, lead generation has many forms -- including online insurance leads. Online insurance leads have proved especially fruitful with more and more people searching online for insurance quotes.

Here's why you should grow your business with leads:


Setting up your own PPC and SEO campaigns takes a lot of time and money. We do large scale search marketing so we can pass savings on to our customers.


Unlike mailers and print advertising, online insurance leads allow you to track and optimize your close rates and cost per acquisition.


Unlike other forms of digital marketing, with insurance leads you can control the volume of leads you receive per day.


Once you find your best approach to insurance leads, you can grow your purchase amount and watch your policy count skyrocket.

How QuoteWizard Insurance Leads Are Different

As the preferred customer acquisition platform for the modern agent, QuoteWizard monitors our customers close rates in order to optimize their experience. We realize the only way to grow our business is by helping our customers grow theirs.

Here's what separates our products from the rest:

Insurance Lead Quality

We only deliver leads from the highest intent sources. Our leads come from search engine marketing or display marketing from credible websites.

QuoteWizard IQ

Our industry leading quality monitoring technology closely monitors which leads our agents are closing or returning. This allows us to deliver the perfect mix of quality and volume to our customers.

Limited Distribution

Unlike our competitors, we sell our leads to a maximum of four agents. On average, each lead is sold to only 1.7 agents. Limited distribution provides a better experience for agents and insurance shoppers alike

Insurance Lead Types

auto insurance lead hero image Auto Insurance Leads

QuoteWizard offers high-quality, high-converting auto insurance leads with many different filtering options. All of our leads are sold a maximum of four times which is half the industry average. We also never sell our leads to more than one agent working for the same carrier. QuoteWizard has open territory in your area and company specific pricing packages available.

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Home Insurance Leads

QuoteWizard home leads include a free filter for no mobile homes and are sold to a maximum of 4 agents.

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Health Insurance Leads

We generate high-intent individual and family health leads with common industry filtering options.

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Renters Insurance Leads

We offer affordable, high-intent renters leads that pass the same strict validation process as our other lead types.

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Live Transfer Insurance Leads

WizardCalls speeds up the sales process by connecting agents with their ideal customers over the phone to help instantly grow their business.

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Medicare Supplement Insurance Leads

Our Medicare Supplement leads are sourced from Medicare age consumers who are actively shopping for insurance online.

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