Insurance marketing ideas are everywhere you look. Try out these six suggestions to see what will work best for you!

Traditional marketing with a twist

Traditional outbound marketing is often the first strategy insurance agents will employ when advertising their services – and with good reason. Placing an ad in the newspaper or purchasing commercial time on a local radio station is bound to get you noticed by your ideal customers.

However, your competition is doing the same thing.

If traditional advertising is the route you want to take to capture attention and pull in leads, think strategically. Where are your ideal customers shopping? Which life events will make your customers contact an insurance agent?

If you want to approach traditional marketing differently than your competitors, target less competitive, yet more niche places to advertise. Think industry-specific.

For example, if you sell automobile insurance, place your ad on gas station pumps and driving school flyers. Ask car lots and banks if you can purchase space on their marketing materials. You’re more likely to target someone needing insurance this way than by buying space on a restaurant placemat that’s bound to get dirty and thrown away.

Create an online presence

When was the last time you looked at your website? Are you active on all social networking sites?

Hurray if your answers to that question were "today!" and "yes!" If so, please skip to the next section. If not, you have some work to do.

Creating a website is important for attracting new customers. However, your marketing efforts will go to waste if your website isn’t kept current. The same goes for any social networks you participate in.

Leads want to do their research on you before they have any contact with you. A well-organized and designed website is key to staying a step ahead of your competitors. You don’t need to add a lot of fluff to your site. Keep it simple by only including an “about me” section that states the types of insurances you sell, where you are licensed, and any companies you work with. Don’t forget to include contact information such as your office hours and address, phone number, and email.

At minimum, your social media presence should reflect your brand. The pictures you use on all sites should be the same, and your contact information needs to be easily available. Try to post as regularly as possible, too.

Develop a content marketing strategy

Want to be an industry leader? Of all the insurance marketing ideas listed, implementing a content marketing strategy is the fastest way to be seen as a qualified, high-demand insurance agent. If you already have a website, you might as well have a blog, too.

Creating content for it is simple. What questions do your current clients or prospects regularly ask of you? Write blog posts answering those very questions. If the people you’re already working with are looking for an answer, chances are other people will be, too. If you don’t want to start a blog, but want to capture the contact information of people viewing your website, invest in free products your readers can download. Make whatever product you share – be it a whitepaper or a webinar – valuable and worth their information.

After you capture their attention, stay in contact by sending monthly email newsletters. Just remember to never be spammy and follow all CAN-SPAM regulations.

Think outside the box

Want to get the attention of possible prospects? Your marketing efforts don’t need to be stiff. Get involved in your local community. Make friends – make yourself known. All you have to do is come up with ways to introduce yourself to the right people.

How can you attract customers in your community to you? Sponsor a motorcycle run or a baby car seat installation clinic if you’re selling motor or auto insurance. Do you specialize in home insurance? Lead a free first-time home buyers class in your community. The possibilities are endless if you don’t limit yourself.

Treat your current customers right

If you’re looking for insurance marketing ideas so that you can gain more business, don’t forget about your current clients. There are many ways you can reach out to them without being a walking billboard. Send birthday and anniversary cards – and not generic, computer-printed postcards – real, high-quality cards signed and addressed by hand.

Follow up with your clients if they file a claim to make sure their needs are satisfied. And don’t just send a letter in the mail asking them to fill out survey with their feedback when the claim is resolved. Call them directly to see if you can be of any service during the claims process.

Have contacts in the media

You want to be the expert the media turns to when a news story breaks out. So how will they know you’re a reliable source? Make friends with radio, television, and newspaper contacts. Let them know you’re interested in being interviewed. You’ll also want to know who you can pitch if an insurance-related newsworthy story comes your way.