Your success as an agent depends largely on your ability to trust your sales process and make tweaks to increase your close rate. QuoteWizard helps you do the heavy lifting by targeting and qualifying millions of high-intent insurance consumers, however, once a qualified new insurance consumer's information is delivered into your system of choice, you'll want to have a solid strategy in place to successfully market your products, nurture them throughout a decision, and eventually close them. There are many insurance marketing tools out there to help, and we've identified some of our top favorites.

  1. Lead Scoring Software: In a perfect world, you're on top of every lead from the moment it lands on your desk. In the real world, you simply cannot do it all by yourself. The more successful you are as an agent, the easier it is to fall behind on follow-through. Your confidence and success might make you lazy and less goal-oriented. To avoid this, consider implementing an in-office lead scoring software. Having a lead scoring system can help you separate leads with high interest from leads with low or nonexistent interest. After that, you can then focus on the highly qualified leads, which will ultimately yield a higher return on investment. You wouldn't waste your time watering a plant that's already dead, so fast forward to the high-interest leads to increase productivity. A lead scoring software can help with all of this.
  1. Instant Proposals: So many potential clients are reachable through more than just the telephone. Most of them have smartphones, meaning that they have constant, instant access to the Internet. Quickness and convenience are staples of doing business on the Internet, and virtual proposal software represents these two qualities. Programs like CallidusCloud or QuoteWerks are great for personalizing proposals to send almost immediately. They'll let you generate proposals in any format, while simplifying and speeding up the processes of price quoting and proposals.
  1. Virtual Office: Nowadays, people expect answers and follow-through right away—especially when online. To satisfy current and potential clients, turn your website into a virtual office that's open 24-hours a day. Virtual office software is BYOD-friendly (Bring Your Own Device), so you can track everything even when on the go. Provide interactive Q&A option and set up auto-responses for when you're not available. Be there for your customers virtually when you can't be there physically. Setting up your website as a virtual office can give you access to the entire infrastructure regardless of where you are.
  1. Custom Quote Forms: Once again, you want to provide your customers with the fastest, most effective options. Show them that you value not only their business but also their time. Creating custom quote forms will allow you to send the best options to your customers, and send them quickly. This will save both of you quite a bit of time in the sales process.
  1. Automated Campaigns: We can't stress this enough—the more you automate your process, the easier it will be for both you and your customers. Your time is valuable, and anything you can do to free up more of it will end up being a good investment in the long run. 

    Tools like Evernote and Infer can cut your time by a lot and help you build stronger relationships with customers as well. Evernote allows you to take notes during phone calls with prospects, and keeps them safe regardless of a computer crash. You'll always be prepared when you follow-up with your prospects because you'll have all the information you need on hand. What's more is that customers will like that you remembered the conversation details, and it will build trust in your relationship.

    Infer also automates the process of finding high-quality leads. The software helps determine which leads will most likely convert. From there forward, you can focus on leads that matter through a simplified yet lucrative process.

  1. Web Activity Monitoring: When looking for changes in sales, data is king. It lays out a timeline of what's happening in regard to your website and whether these changes are positive or negative. Monitoring your web activity can help you determine where your company stands in insurance sales. You can use several marketing metrics to figure this out. Find out for how long people browse your website and which content holds their interest the most. Examining web traffic and content quality on a consistent basis will give you a better idea of how you're doing. Use this information to improve your services for the next important steps in marketing.
  1. Insurance Lead Providers: In order to close more leads, you need a healthy pool of good leads to start. An insurance lead provider like QuoteWizard can do much more than just streamline the way you access leads. Since we restrict the number of times our leads are sold to only four, we can also guarantee higher quality leads and a stronger ROI.

In our technological age, closing sales isn't only about connecting with customers on a more personal level. Rather, it's just as much about making things simple and convenient for both parties. Restructure the ways you interact online and on the go to start seeing better returns instantly.

What are some tools you'd recommend?