Live transfer leads have proven to be a great tool for today’s insurance agents. They make it possible for the prospect to contact you with their insurance needs. Studies have shown that it takes an average of eight cold call attempts to reach a prospect. Imagine how you could use that time if they contacted you instead? Pre-qualification is part of the transfer process and prospect interest is already gauged, your ROI with live transfer leads stands to increase dramatically.

This does not mean, however, that this is easy money. That the prospect contacted you indicates their interest, you have to do the rest to get them to “Yes.” Here are some simple tips to get the most out of your live transfers. This makes the experience a beneficial one for you and them.

Take Every Live Transfer You Can

Consider live transfer leads a numbers game that is in your favor. The prospect’s interest is a 100% given, and their pre-qualification insures what you offer is of value. While making a customer out of the prospect isn’t instant, the odds are good enough that you should make them a high priority.

When a live transfer lead comes your way, reprioritize as much as you can to take that call. With proper time management, you can make live transfers a solid, consistent segment of your conversion rate. Answering every live transfer you can has the added benefit of boosting your quality score. This can get you closer to being first in line to get the live transfer calls when they come.

Align Presentation with Expectations

An important key in ensuring your discussion with the prospect is pleasant and professional is to make sure that the experience matches up with what the qualifier told them to expect.

If they accepted that the discussion would be twenty minutes in the pre-qualifying discussion, keep your quoting process to that timeframe. Of course, asking questions to gain further clarity on what the prospect needs is a necessity, but avoid having the prospect answer questions that they covered in the pre-qualifying discussion. Nobody enjoys repeating themselves.

With the above said, make sure to get the prospect’s current phone number from them at the beginning of the phone call. This will allow you to reconnect with them, should a disconnect occur.

The balance to maintain with the timeframe is to make sure the discussion isn’t one-sided. Having 3-4 customer concerns ready to discuss actually increases your odds of success. In addition, people tend to like being sold to, not sold at.

An excellent way to stay within given timeframes is to have a solid sales script at your disposal. It doesn’t have to be extensive, but if it covers your key points and keeps the discussion flowing, both you and your prospect will appreciate it.

Work Towards the Close

Timing is everything here. After you have addressed all of the needs and questions of the prospect, transition into the close. Be sure you have a quote for them by the end of the first call. This is an important action for both of you. You will have given the prospect the key thing they contacted you for, and it reduces the chances of them going through a lead transfer company again.

Depending on the prospect, they may be ready to choose a plan then, or they may need to have a follow-up call or email. Regardless of what that step is, be ready to move the conversation towards it in an efficient manner.

Should you have a follow-up call, have a quick rundown ready for the prospect with the key points of the policy. This way the conversation stays on track and you don't spend time having a discussion that has already happened.

All Leads Are Potential Gold

Even if you aren't able to provide the prospect with a quote that they can use, they have friends and family that might. You have spent time creating a rapport with the prospect, you can capitalize on that whether you make the sale or not. Ask the prospect if they have any referrals that could use your services. Potential prospects are more open to cold contacting if you share an association with them.

In the end, your success in closing the sale rests on making it as smooth for the prospect to make a decision as it was for them to contact you. A balance of time management and using the chance given you will help you make the most of the transfer, and improve your bottom line.

QuoteWizard Live Transfer Leads provides you with pre-qualified, high intent leads with a 100% contact rate, filtered to your needs and territories. Contact us today and let us make it easier to connect.