Matt Rudolph is an Allstate agent from Columbus, Ohio. His impressive catalog of honors includes Allstate's Honor Ring, Inner Circle Elite, and Circle of Champions awards.

But Matt is more concerned with growing his business than winning accolades. “As soon as you start to focus on the awards, someone else is coming after you,” he says.

Matt's primary goal isn't prizes – he'd rather become the number one insurance agent in the country. And he's been able to do just that, thanks in part to leveraging our leads. "I've used QuoteWizard products since I began my career with Allstate and they have been an integral part of my success to become the top producing agent in the country," says Matt.

The result? Besides the awards, Matt also has numbers to back up his performance. "Since 2013, my agency has written 32 million dollars in business and unlike many other agents, I started my book from scratch," he says.

What Matt Loves About QuoteWizard

Matt highlights these three key factors:

1. Quality: Lead and call quality is absolutely vital for any agent to succeed. QuoteWizard has some of the industry's highest conversation rates across all products. We've been one of Matt's best vendors for high quality leads for years. That's why he has a 30 percent conversion rate in closing our calls.

2. QuoteWizard Administration Tool: Simple and superior management tools are key to get the most of your leads. Mark agrees. "If anyone has asked me how to build a lead purchasing platform, I told them to look at QuoteWizard's," he says. "They have the easiest platform for purchasing leads, returning leads or managing your account in the industry." With QuoteWizard, agents can focus on making sales from leads rather than hassling over refunds or dealing with overly complex lead management systems.

3. Flexibility and pricing: We work with Matt to get him a high volume of leads at the best possible price. We both understand that it's a numbers game, so we do everything we can to make sure he's happy with the quality and quantity of internet leads. That's how Matt gets the maximum return on his investment.

How Matt Uses QuoteWizard Leads and Calls

Buying leads is all about the bottom line for Matt. With Matt's daily average of 300 live call transfer leads per day, closing deals is crucial. Fortunately, he closes QuoteWizard leads at a rate of 30 percent. He says that buying high amounts of leads and following up is imperative to his success.

Thanks to Matt's ability to close our leads, he has 20 sales people working for him. Together they close at four times the rate of Allstate's average producer.

On our end, we make sure that Matt has all the leads and calls he needs at a price that makes sense for him.

Matt's Advice for New Agents

If you're just getting your feet wet as an agent, Matt stresses the importance of going statewide. Your agent license is valid across your whole state; take advantage of it.

He warns, however, to consider skipping small towns as local agents usually have the upper-hand there. Instead, use Allstate's tools to find closing rates by county, and target cities with populations of 50,000 and up.

What's Next for Matt

Matt is building a new lead management system to his specifications. It will be available for other Allstate agents to use.

"While buying warm transfers is great and may close at higher rates than internet leads, calls are finite in terms of volume I can buy," he says. "Creating an effective lead management system to consistently follow up and close internet leads along with the calls will be the ultimate way to dominate the market."

QuoteWIzard has loved working with Matt and all Allstate agents over the last 10 years. QuoteWizard is a proud Executive Advantage member.