One of the most common objections we hear from agents when it comes to leads is consumers claiming they didn’t request a quote. While this objection can be awkward when encountered on a call, it’s important to train your team to handle this objection quickly and calmly through frequent role playing! Our partners at Role Play at the Olson Agency (RPOA) shared the following pro-tips with us on overcoming this objection that you can practice with your team.

Remember, these role-playing sessions should focus on progress, not necessarily perfection right away — have fun with it and try to build confidence within your team.

Before we jump in, RPOA advises to first understand why prospects say this. More often than not, it’s because they’ve been overwhelmed with calls, are tired of talking with insurance agencies, and just want to get off the phone. It’s also possible the consumer didn’t really understand what they were signing up for at the time they filled out the form. Perhaps they expected a quote to generate right away or via email, etc. They weren’t expecting to get all these calls! Lastly, with some lead companies, it’s possible that you’ve received an aged lead and the consumer has simply forgotten they had requested a quote*. Whatever the reason, the way you overcome these objections (read excuses) is all the same, but is rarely executed properly.

Oftentimes producers are caught off guard. Common responses usually include “Ummm… uhhh…”, or “I’m so sorry, I can take you off our list…”, or “Oh……… (pause) that’s not good…” (though by this point the prospect has usually already hung up due to the producer’s hesitation). Or maybe you’ve overheard your producers saying, “Oh really? My system says you did…” This is a sure-fire way to NOT quote the lead; You’re calling out the customer and implying they’re wrong, which will never lead to success!

You want a strategy to confidently put the consumer at ease and build trust in order to increase your likelihood of providing them with a quote. The following path from RPOA is a proven strategy for overcoming “I didn’t request a quote…”:

Step 1: Make it no big deal. Don’t be caught off guard! Just think, “this is no big deal” (Hint: this can be applied to all objections)

Step 2: Treat them like it’s their lucky day. And you really have to believe this! Think: “It’s their lucky day that they get to talk to me because I believe in insurance, I believe in protecting people, and they’re lucky to have us as their advisor to walk them through this!” Then get them to believe it by speaking confidently, assuredly, and remembering to smile while you speak.

Step 3: Go straight to confirming details, as quickly as you can.

Here’s an example script from RPOA for making it no big deal:

PROSPECT: “I didn’t request a quote…”

ADVISOR: “No problem. We do hear that from time to time. Maybe you were researching your insurance online in the past or online or something like that? (pause)

PROSPECT: “No, I don’t remember doing that…”

ADVISOR: “Whatever the reason is, I’m curious, when was the last time that you did take a look at your insurance?”

PROSPECT: “I don’t know, it’s been a while.”

ADVISOR: “That’s also something I hear all the time. We always recommend that you review your insurance at least once a year to make sure you’re getting the best discounts and coverage. Since I have you on the phone, let’s just see if it might make sense to at least see what we could do for you. What kind of car do you drive?”

PROSPECT: “2017 Acura RDX”

Continue to confirm details and quote…

See? No big deal! Now, what do you do when you see that consumer’s information has obviously been filled out incorrectly? RPOA has advice for this, too — it’s still No. Big. Deal.

When it comes to these leads, it’s helpful to position the conversation by giving the shopper an agenda of what you’ll be covering. For example:

ADVISOR: “Before we get started, I’m going to quickly check that I have all the correct details here, just to make sure I can get you an accurate quote. It looks like your name is spelled D-A-F-F-Y D-U-C-K, is that correct?”

PROSPECT: “No, it’s Jeremy: J-E-R-E-M-Y”

ADVISOR: “Excellent, this is exactly why I ask: so that I can ensure everything is just right for you! Now that I have that corrected, it looks like you’re driving a 2017 Acura RDX?”


ADVISOR: “Perfect!...” Continue to verify all information.

Through this strategy, you’re able to effectively correct the wrong information, while simultaneously building report and trust with the consumer. It’s a win-win!

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* QuoteWizard leads are sent in real time ?