Compared to internet leads, live transfer calls can seem more intimidating. After all, you don’t have the luxury of deciding how quickly you respond like you do an incoming internet lead, but instead must be ready to sell the moment the live transfer rings in. But live transfers really aren’t all that scary, and how you handle the call once you’re on the phone is basically the same as you’d handle any new prospect. We’ve laid out some best practices that will help lay the groundwork for successfully handling live transfer calls so you can go into purchasing this kind of lead product feeling confident and stress-free.

Set Up Your Account Properly

As stated earlier, the biggest difference between internet leads and live transfer calls is obvious: instead of a lead popping into a lead management system or showing up in your inbox to be attended to at the next available moment (though ideally right away), with live transfer calls you must be available right when the call comes through. The timing of the transfer delivery is often unpredictable, so when setting up a calls account it’s important to be realistic about 1) how many calls can really be attended to at one time and 2) what time of day will you and/or your team be most available (ex. should you take calls all day or just in the mornings?).

Optimizing your account with these parameters in mind is crucial because the first and most important rule when purchasing live transfer calls is that you must pick up the phone. This may seem like common sense, but some agents misunderstand this step, and are sometimes under the impression that the QuoteWizard call center will try again later or that the agent won’t be charged for the missed call. This is not the case! If you miss a call, yes, the lead information will be sent to you to be followed up with later, but you will still be accountable for the full payment and will be responsible for getting that consumer back on the phone.

QuoteWizard allows you to combine separate call packages so that you can set parameters around your call schedule, concurrency cap, daily volume, etc. as a whole. Meaning if you are purchasing both Auto Live Transfers and Home Live Transfers, but can only take a total of one call at a time, you can create a Call Channel Group that allows you to say, “regardless of whether an auto or home call comes in, I can only take one call at a time.” This avoids you getting an auto transfer at the same time you’ve just picked up a home transfer, thus minimizing the possibility of missing an incoming call. QuoteWizard agents can learn more about setting up a Call Channel Group by reading “Creating a Call Channel Group” and “Optimizing a Call Channel Group” in their Agent Education Portal.

Be Ready and Attentive

The second rule when it comes to receiving live transfer calls is to avoid making the consumer wait whenever possible. This shopper is ready to talk policy options NOW and may not have time to sit on hold. Answering the call quickly also sets the tone for the prospect that you are readily available and that their needs are a priority for your office. You should be accommodating to the customer’s time, not the other way around.

Start with a Smile

Last, but not least, always be sure to answer the phone in a pleasant and inviting manner. It doesn’t matter how hectic the office may be at that moment or what personal conflict you may be dealing with that’s putting you in a stressed or bad mood. Leave that at the door and answer the phone as if this one phone call has just made your day.

From here, you handle the call like you would any other time you get a potential new client on the phone. So you see, live transfer calls shouldn’t feel all that intimidating. Make sure you are hitting the mark on the recommendations above and it’ll be smooth sailing for your agency! QuoteWizard live transfers eliminate the traditional web lead contact process, and with a close rate at times as high as 30%*, this kind of lead product can be a smart and lucrative choice for growing your book of business. Not a QuoteWizard agent, but interested in giving WizardCalls a try? Click here to set up a time to speak with a rep about setting up a calls account. QuoteWizard agents wanting to add calls to their account can do so by reaching out to QuoteWizard Support at (866) 224-2194 or

* Based on proprietary third-party feedback.