Inspirational sales quotes for tough sales days

Share one at a meeting. Print another and hang it above your desk. Email a few to your favorite colleagues. These seven inspirational sales quotes will boost anyone’s mood – even on the days when selling seems impossible and nothing is going the right way.

It seems as soon as you got to work in the morning, everything you touched exploded in some disastrous way. There are messages from clients who are upset that you’ve taken too long to get in touch with them. There are emails from leads who’ve taken their business to a different agent.

Patience is an important trait to master in sales. You understand the insurance policies you sell, but your new – and sometimes old – clients don’t get it. You’re left explaining things over and over again. While some agents might get frustrated, you don’t. You understand what it’s like to learn something new, and you want your customers to have the most information possible. You’re patient with your leads and clients.

But are you patient with yourself? (image above)

Even if you’re a consistent, hard-working agent, you’re bound to have bad days of selling. Maybe you’ve been busy and let things fall through the cracks or maybe the things that are happening are out of your control. Either way, be as patient with yourself as you’d be with your clients.

quote - joshua j marine

A good salesperson handles challenges. A great salesperson is motivated by them.

When selling seems impossible, you might start questioning your career choice. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve spent in the insurance industry if you can’t grow as an agent over time.

When you’re deep in a sales slump, take it as an challenge to better your technique. Keep up with regulatory changes. Read books on marketing and lead nurturing. Schedule one-on-one appointments with lost customers to find out how you can improve. When things have been looking down for a long time, remember that the only way to go is up.

quote - w. clement stone

Let’s be honest for a second. The customer isn’t always right. And not only are they sometimes wrong, but they’re also impatient, challenging, and even rude.

Are you working with a demanding client? Do you dread picking up the phone or responding to emails? You can only control your outlook and attitude, not anyone else’s.

Though something happens when you remain calm and respectful when dealing with tough customers. If you’re kind and have a positive attitude, they’ll notice. It doesn’t matter how frustrated they may feel, they’ll begin to soften if you’re calm and collected. Even better, you might put them in a good mood, too.

quote - charles r. swindoll

You don’t have control over everything that happens to you. Important paperwork will get sent to you unsigned. Deadlines will be missed. Anything can happen. What matters most is how you react to the challenges you’re presented with.

If you find yourself getting angry, impatient, or stressed about work issues that are out of your control, stop and take a breath. Remind yourself that you can’t manage everything, but the one thing you can take care of is your response.

quote - tony robbins

If you’ve been in a sales slump for some time now, everything feels discouraging. Now matter how hard you try, and how much you work, you just can’t seem to pull your head above water.

So why not mix things up? Shake up your processes. If you always get leads from networking events and cold calls, try asking your customers for referrals or buying leads. If you only contact your customers when their renewal is up, send them a handwritten note at the halfway point asking if they need anything.

When you want to see different results, try different things.

quote - robert frost

There are papers piled up on your desk that need completing, signing, copying, certifying, scanning, uploading, and emailing. Your voicemail light is flashing, and the screen says there are 12 new messages. You closed your email program because it was distracting you, but the last time you checked there were 18 new emails. Your to-do list is two pages long, and the tasks on it are from last week. You haven’t even had time to create one for this week.

When everything seems impossible, it’s easier to freeze in panic than take action. However, things will add up, and balls will begin to drop. Want things to calm down? Forge your way through the piles and the messages. One step at a time, and you’ll eventually be in better shape.

quote - jim rohn

We all have 24 hours in our day. How do you spend yours?

To be productive, schedule your working time as well as your downtime, and don’t allow distractions to sneak their way in. Don’t allow yourself to fall down the social media hole or waste time completing tasks that aren’t a priority.

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What quote motivates you the most?

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