There are countless steps you can take to grow your insurance agency. To be successful and expand your business, show that you're passionate about your field and customers.

While customer retention and money-saving tips make a difference, leads hold the most potential. If you're looking to send your sales skyrocketing, look to insurance leads, and look for them online. We are in a digital age, where online marketing and business practices are the norm. Converting the majority of your business to an online platform is a sure fire way to gain more leads.

We know what you want. You want high-qualified leads, and you want more of them. You also want insurance leads that won't drain your time and resources. We understand how valuable your time is. It's counterproductive to spend time on leads that won't help build your business. Using online marketing metrics can help you assess which leads are worth pursuing.

To maximize your success, we first suggest a three-step approach. This includes Referrals, Win-Backs, and Lead Services.

  1. Referrals

Around 78 percent of Americans have social media profiles. As stated before, social media is a key staple for referral marketing in lead generation and insurance. However, building an online platform isn't as simple as it seems. Setting up a Facebook page and then waiting for customers to come to you just isn't enough.

You must find where your targeted demographics' activity is the highest. This could be on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Use the platform to advertise promotions and incentives to engage your audience. Consistently posting interesting content and communicating will keep them engaged. Clearly, doing all this will require a regular, concentrated effort on your part.

  1. Win-Backs

Win-back marketing campaigns tend to produce some of the largest returns in the insurance industry. If someone was a customer before, it's possible (and probable) that you can make him a customer again. Of course, this means spending time trying to re-engage them. Remind them why they gave you their business in the first place.

There are three simple steps to create a solid win-back strategy:

  • Figure out why your customer(s) left you in the first place
  • Brainstorm and build strategies to gain their trust again
  • Follow through with consistent attention and exclusive offers

You might wonder why or how spending time winning back customers who left is beneficial. Believe it or not, it's actually a huge advantage.

These customers had needs once, so they'll probably have similar needs again. On top of that, they're already familiar with the company. This means less time on your end is spent on marketing and informing them about it. If in fact you're successful and win back some customers, know that they will be returning with high expectations. Since you proved your worth and expertise, you'll have to meet these expectations for the duration of your relationships with them.

On the other hand, if your customers choose to not come back, one of the best things you can do is apologize. You may not have won them back, but an apology shows your understanding and good character. Who knows, your ex-customer may refer you to other prospects and potential leads.

  1. Lead Services

Perhaps the most important resource for lead generation is a lead service. A lead service will help you gain more access to the insurance leads you so desire. They provide the resources and expertise you need to find prospects on the market for a new insurance carrier.

However, be sure to follow up as soon as you receive a lead. Multiple follow-up attempts in addition to personalized communication will help build a relationship. Take the individual's needs into account when assessing how qualified the lead is, and be persistent. These relationships will take time to develop, but having a lead service will help you make the most out of the leads acquired through it.

Aside from this approach, there are other ways to adapt to the digital age to bring in leads. One way is customer segmentation. Identifying customers as unique individuals with unique needs will help you figure out what interests them most.

You can then send them engaging content with targeted offerings since you'll have a better idea of what they want. Also, examine your customers through social media networks. Use online marketing metrics to gather data and learn about your targeted consumers. From there, spend time exploring and evaluating options that are right for them.

Being available on more than one social media platform will also help expand your customer pool. Increase your number of interaction points so you're accessible by website, mobile, or social media. Take advantage of this age of social media by showing your consumers how adaptable and flexible you are. You can do this by increasing availability and improving your customer service.

When it comes to selling insurance in the digital age, great customer service goes a long way. Agents who make doing business online fast and easy are the ones ahead of the competition. As long as you provide accurate data and information, you will ensure the success of your sales strategy.

This overview only touches on the steps it takes to develop viable, return-oriented insurance leads. In reality, finding which process works best for you is a matter of trial and error as well as persistence.

Don't forget: quality over quantity. We realize that the Internet does make everything faster and easier, but that's mainly for the customer. As an agent, you still need to utilize your time and resources to the fullest to maximize your digital leads. You'll get the best ROI by focusing on the quality of your leads so that every interaction you have has a higher likeliness to convert.

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