Today’s online shoppers demand instant gratification. Whether they’re requesting a quote or purchasing insurance, they expect the best customer service. To meet this demand, agents must offer an instant response, plus thorough follow-up. Providing this kind of diligence on your own can be tough to manage. Utilizing lead management software can make all the difference and is considered Best Practice when working internet leads and live transfer calls. In fact, agents who use lead management and distribution software have been shown to convert as much as 87% more leads compared to those who don’t. Lead management software can automate distribution of leads and initial points of contact, prioritize follow-up strategies, and keep track of results. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need about lead management software with the hope that it will help you increase your lead conversions and elevate your success.

Let’s explore the benefits a bit further.

Automated Sales Process

About 78% of the time, leads will close with the first agent who contacts them. Responding to consumer inquiries as quickly as possible is key to gaining more business in the leads game. The automated tools within most lead management systems will connect you to a lead as soon as it generates. Auto dialers will call your office, and scheduled emails will send at various pre-determined times throughout the sales process. Your prospects will appreciate that you are an agent who provides fast response times and thorough communication.

Follow-up Strategy

As is best practice, if you are unable to close a lead within the first call, strategic and consistent follow-up is necessary. Making multiple follow-up attempts shows dedication to good customer service, but obviously you’ll want your main focus to be on leads that are highly interested and qualified. Lead qualification algorithms within some lead management software can help rank your prospects in order from hot to cold and by level of interest, so your time is spent effectively and efficiently. When you look at your sales funnel, you and your team will know exactly which leads to tackle first and which ones to save for later. You can then spend more time and effort closing warm prospects rather than trying to nurture colder ones.

Tracking Leads

A solid lead management system also has detailed tracking tools to help you stay on top of your pipeline and sales results. These tools monitor calls, contact rates, close rates, touch points, success by location, and more. Having the tools to view all these aspects will drive you to make data-based decisions. You’ll also have a better idea of how to optimize your management strategies. Below is a list of some of our recommended lead management systems. You can check out a full list of our integrated partners on our Partners page.

AgencyZoom by Vertafore

AgencyZoom is an easy-to-use automation system that helps you seamlessly track a lead’s movement through your pipeline and beyond. The software was created by insurance agents, for insurance agents, and looks to eliminate the busy work that traditionally takes an agency’s time away from selling more policies. AgencyZoom helps automate tasks such as new client onboarding, retention, cross-selling, asking for referrals, policy renewals, and more.

This lead management system offers services including:

  • Personalized + guided daily, weekly, and monthly targets for your team members to help them hit their goals.
  • Scoreboards to track new policy sales that ignite friendly competition between producers and celebrate team wins.
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop organization methods for tracking a lead lifecycle, along with metrics for close rates, contact rates, quote rates, etc.

AgencyZoom is a great platform for agents looking to focus more on selling and less on administrative work. Contact AgencyZoom for pricing — QuoteWizard agents receive additional perks!

Dial Your Leads (DYL)

DYL works primarily as a phone service, which makes it a unique lead management system. DYL believes that the most successful leads come from over the phone, as it creates a more personal connection.

Dial Your Leads is cloud-based and combines phone services with lead management software. For companies who want to make their current phone system more automated, DYL is ideal. Its sophisticated system includes features like a virtual receptionist and voice-to-email messaging.

Phone services through DYL are all run online, so you save money on things like voicemail, fax, and international calls. Here are some highlights of DYL’s product:

  • Cloud-based phone system run completely online. Features like a virtual receptionist and voice-to-email messaging help enhance daily operations.
  • Lead manager helps track customer contact information, lead prospects, and sales.
  • QuickDial automates the calling process, so you get an alert and phone call within seconds.
  • Campaign Dialer automates the outbound call process. It offers up to 100 dials per hour without requiring you to hang up the phone.

Contact DYL for your exact pricing. QuoteWizard agents are eligible for discounts!

Blitz Lead Manager

Blitz Lead Manager is a central hub for organizing sales leads on a simplified platform. It lets you schedule follow-ups and interactions as well as prioritize sales opportunities. The product has three editions:

  • The Basic Edition works well for small companies. However, it cannot be accessed from mobile devices. It’s great for users who want to try out a new lead management solution, risk-free.
  • The Professional Edition is for companies who need more functionality on a budget. In addition to the Basic Edition features, you get a more advanced user interface.
  • The Enterprise Edition is for significantly larger companies. This edition is geared for companies who need to share information across a minimum of fifteen users. It includes all lead management features and even a client portal.

An advantage of Blitz Lead Manager is that it’s 100% web-based. This means no installation and online access from anywhere. For companies with members working across different platforms, this feature is incredibly beneficial.

Agency MVP

Agency MVP was created by an agent who saw shortcomings in the features that were available in the lead management systems of the time. Staying organized with lead follow-up, X-dates, calling back old leads, etc. can be extremely difficult. At some point, it becomes nearly impossible to hit every lead in your database, let alone determine which leads are worth your time. Agency MVP helps alleviate the pains of managing old leads by using proprietary data algorithms to rank which leads are the most valuable and most likely to close. This not only saves you time, but helps you get the absolute most out of your purchased leads by increasing your overall close rate.

Agency MVP’s features include:

  • A one-stop shop for inputting all your leads from multiple marketing campaigns such as internet leads, direct mail, cold calling, and referrals.
  • Proprietary data algorithms determine which leads are most valuable based on the competitiveness of your rates, geo-location, multi-line policy opportunities, claim fall-off dates, and X-dates.
  • Includes smart automation that allows you to establish text and email workflows to quickly follow up with prospects.

Agency MVP offers a way to minimize time wasted on dead-end leads. Give them a call to find your personalized pricing. QuoteWizard agents are eligible for discounts!