Often, lead generation is a business’ greatest hurdle in producing a sale. Creating effective marketing strategies is a challenge, requiring both innovative approaches and time-tested methods. In many B2B dealings, however, live transfer leads have become a valuable resource for boosting sales numbers. Live transfer call leads are already interested, avoiding the uncertainty and inefficiency of cold calls, email lists and web tracking. Unlike other marketing tools, live transfer–or “warm”–calls connect your company with the client directly, placing you first in line for a promising sale.

Who Benefits From Lead Gen?

Not all businesses utilize lead generation to boost sales, but it is necessary for some industries. Insurance companies and real estate firms, in particular, benefit from a rigorous lead generation initiative. When you sell a product that is personalized and valued on a case by case basis, you need direct B2C interaction. In fact, the sale of auto, life and health insurance, as well as home mortgages depend on nurtured leads.

Two of the most important factors in converting a prospect are timeliness and accommodation. You want to be able to engage a lead when they’re interested and put together a product catered to the client. This is only achieved through immediate, live transfer call leads. In fact, 35-50% of sales go to the company that reaches the client first. Thus, employing live transfer leads for insurance sales makes sense: it means getting your product directly to the prospects who are interested.

The Many Methods of Lead Gen

Though the need for lead generation is not new, the technologies and methods through which it’s achieved have changed dramatically. However, live transfer leads still reign supreme, with around 92% of client interaction occurring over the phone. Subsequently, live transfer leads for insurance, real estate and lending companies play an invaluable role in converting contacts to sales. In the advent of the internet, cold calling prospects on the phone is a challenge, considering

  • 80% of cold calls go directly to voicemail,
  • 90% of first-call messages are unreturned,
  • and only an average of 4.8% of voicemails are ever returned.

There are a number of ways to acquire leads, and some methods are more effective than others. Cold calling is one of the oldest, yet most inconsistent prospect generating strategies. While it does yield results, it takes an average of 8 attempts to reach a prospective client. Despite modest conversion rates, cold calling often proves to be inefficient.

More companies are turning to automated marketing technologies that employ social media, email lists and contact forms. Depending on the size of the networks and the success of the lead gen campaign, these strategies achieve strong results. Given that 81% of consumers perform online searches before purchasing, you need to establish a wide net for leads. Many companies are turning to B2B marketing automation to increase communication abilities. Typically, businesses who employ automated marketing see about a 10% increase in sales prospects.

Advantages of Live Transfer Insurance Leads

As more companies struggle with conversion rate optimization, they are quickly learning that the key to lead-to-sale conversion is quality over quantity. Unlike prospects stemming from broad-reaching marketing strategies, live transfer leads are ready to talk. Cold calling, for instance, generally garner little or no response, requiring persistent follow-ups. When the average sales rep makes only two attempts at reaching a lead, it’s nearly impossible to secure a sale.

Live transfer leads for insurance come with guaranteed interest, which means no time wasted on unnecessary calls. Once in contact, you’re already steps closer to a sale. Live leads free up your sales team’s time, allowing them to focus on converting clients, rather than generating new contacts. When you’re put in direct contact with your prospects, you no longer have to play phone tag. Additionally, most live transfer leads for insurance and mortgage sales are pre-qualified, saving your company time and resources.

When your ultimate goal is to increase sales, you want to be sure you’re finding leads that are engaged and ready to buy. Though social media and online marketing have proven to be valuable resources, one-on-one lead gen provides the some of the most efficient conversion rates. In strengthening your lead gen network, discover the advantages of live transfer leads and how they can improve your sales.