Another new year is upon us, which is the perfect time to see which of your insurance marketing ideas need to be tweaked, left alone or thrown out entirely. No matter how busy you might be in the regular day-to-day operations of your business, you should always be sure to take out some time every day to focus on your marketing strategy, otherwise, your business might dry up while you aren’t looking. To get your ideas and synapses firing, here are six marketing ideas marketing agents can put to good use in 2021.

Advertise on Facebook

Just as LinkedIn is a great place to make business connections, Facebook is a great place to make potential customer connections. But to make the most of this potential, you’ve got to spend some money. Not to worry, when done right, the investment is well worth it. Specifically, you’ll want to research Facebook Ads and see if there are any useful insurance marketing tips you can put to good use when crafting your own ads. What’s so great about this specific marketing channel is that you can tailor your ads according to geographic location, target interest, demographic and your audience’s connections.

In addition to buying ads, you can also spend money to boost your posts so that they appear higher in the news feeds of your target audience, ensuring they see the message you worked so hard to get in front of them. Change things up with your ads to find what works best and what your target audience responds to the most favorably. If you like, you can even ask your audience the type of ad to which they’re most likely to respond.

Clean Up Your Marketing Database

Take some time to look over the materials in your current marketing campaign to ensure all the information is correct and current. Not only does the right information ensure potential and current clients get to where they need to go on your site, social media profile and anything else you’ve got out there, the right information also helps to keep your bounce rate low. If you have an email marketing campaign, review it to see if you have any unsubscribers, reports of spam or anything else that requires your attention.

While you’re at it, make sure the email addresses you have for your newsletter or email marketing campaign subscribers are up-to-date and accurate. While sending material to the wrong address might net you a new customer, it could very well net you a harsh reply and a request that you stop sending insurance quotes and articles to that particular inbox.

Connect with Millennials

Before you dismiss millennials in any way, shape or form, realize that they can become a powerful tool for your insurance agent marketing strategy. What’s more is those born between 1980 and 2000 can give you several ideas for how to improve your strategy. When the younger generation is in need of suggestions for good insurance companies and agents, they often ask friends and family, and they often do so online. Make sure your name or business is at the tip of the tongue of millennials as well as their friends and family to earn yourself even more recommendations.

The best way to touch bases with millennials is to engage with them on social media. To do so with the best chance of success, you want your social media message to be one that’s personal, speaks to their specific needs and lifestyle and contains a sense of trust. Don’t be afraid to connect with your younger audience to see what they’re concerned about most when it comes to insurance and protecting the most valuable assets in their current as well as their future lives.

Perfect Your Email Subject Lines

Just like you can’t help but be drawn to an enthralling book cover, movie preview or magazine cover, the same is true of email subject lines. Do away with boring, standard and uninspired email titles and trade them for something that your recipients will not only want to open, but read in their entirety.

Keep your subject lines short and punchy; remember that people don’t have the attention spans they used to. You’ll also want to ensure the sender name is one the recipient recognizes and doesn’t sound like it’s an automatic email churned out by a bot. You’ll also want to see to it that your messages are going out to the right audience. For instance, your message about auto insurance won’t do much good in the inbox of someone who doesn’t have a car and doesn’t plan on getting one anytime soon. Finally, pay attention to the timing of your email. Is a client’s policy about to expire in a few weeks? He or she is sure to appreciate a gentle reminder.

Leverage Your Online Reviews

You might have an online reputation that you don’t even know about. Review sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google could list your insurance agency or name and let users leave reviews of your services and professional capabilities. Going back to millennials who ask for recommendations for insurance, they might receive your name and do some independent research to get a solid idea of the type of agent you are.

While you have limited control over how others perceive your services, you can respond to both good and bad reviews. Thank those who leave good reviews and give those who leave bad reviews a second chance to try you out, making sure you address their complaint when you do. Your customers and clients, as well as their reviews, can become a great marketing tool, one that’s passive and does the work all on its own without you having to do anything but continue to deliver fantastic service.

Go Mobile and Stay Mobile

Just as you likely use mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet to work more efficiently, your customers do the same. If they need to file a claim, check on the status of a claim, take pictures, review documents or anything else, give them the option to do so conveniently with a mobile-optimized site or app. While most people hope they never have to file an insurance claim, be sure your customers don’t dread it when the situation requires a claim; give them the ability to take care of everything without having to be in front of a computer.

When it comes to going mobile, you can either set up a second site specifically for users who access your site through a smartphone or tablet or make it so that your current site can differentiate between PC users and mobile users and modifies your site accordingly. No matter which you do, see to it that a seasoned professional takes care of the job, otherwise, your users, both PC and mobile, are bound to feel frustrated with either version of your site.

Be sure you take out some time to put these ideas and insurance marketing tips to good use for the growth of your insurance company. Whether you’re an independent contractor, business owner or member of an insurance agency, you’re sure to benefit and see positive changes in your marketing strategy as well as how your target audience and current customers perceive you.