Like other lead types, QuoteWizard’s Medicare Supplement leads are generated with intent in mind. We pride ourselves on producing high-intent content that draws in consumers over the age of 65 from all over the nation to request a quote. You will be connecting with consumers looking for more information on Medicare Supplements and how to purchase a policy.

In 2014, more than 70% of people who used the internet sought out health information. With the ACA taking effect, there has been a boom in consumers seeking more information about healthcare. These consumers are turning to the internet to seek information on how to purchase an insurance policy. We have begun to capture those consumers seeking more information and connecting them with you.

Getting Started

Like our other lead types, we offer flexibility to our Medicare Supplement lead programs to fit your business model. You are able to customize your account to target the right customers in the right places. When you request a certain lead you will have a great understanding of who this person is and how to approach the sale. Consumers submit a form with personal information such as age, gender, height and weight, income level, and whether or not the customer is a tobacco user. Check out our sample MedSup leads page to get a feel for the layout. They also provide an email address and phone number for you to connect with them as soon as the quote is received.

Geo targeting for leads is done at a county level. Selecting the county you reside in and neighboring counties is ideal to reach a sizable audience. Some agents will want to take the entire state or multiple states if licensed there. While it may seem too far taking leads from at the state level, keep in mind the consumers who prefer to utilize the internet for purchases. Targeting at the state level will create more opportunities to reach consumers seeking Medicare Supplement coverage.


There are two options to receive your Medicare Supplement leads. These options are based on how you prefer the leads to be distributed. The first option is an exclusive lead. Exclusive leads are sold only to you and no other agents. Agents like this option because it limits competition, and puts you in a position to be the exclusive agent working with that consumer. The second option is a semi-exclusive lead. Semi-exclusive leads are shared leads that could be sold to a max of 4 agents. Many other lead generation companies sell their leads to a max of 8 agents. Agents like the semi-exclusive option because it’s a better value with limited competition.

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Where Do Leads Come From?

At QuoteWizard we have a market leading platform that targets active shoppers on popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. When consumers are using search engines to find more information on Medicare Supplements we capture them with organic listings and ad listings. Our content team has published excellent educational content on Medicare Supplements to captivate shoppers and guide them to request a quote. Check out our Medicare Supplement policy FAQ article. With intent always in mind, our focus is to publish content that engages consumers and leads them along the path to purchase.

Open Enrollment

Although MedSup has its own specialized enrollment and doesn’t go through the annual enrollment period (AEP), we still see an abundance of MedSup leads around this time of year. In general, there is heightened awareness around open enrollment that gets consumers thinking about their healthcare options. October 15 to December 7 is the AEP for Medicare, and history has shown that many people choose to purchase MedSup to fill gaps in their Medicare policy during this period. With open enrollment in full swing, there should be no shortage of MedSup leads on the way.