Transforming customer interest from passive curiosity to active seeking is the goal of every company that relies on the sales funnel for profit generation. In fact, virtually every business ultimately seeks this single goal.

That said, not every business decision maker believes that live transfer leads via inbound calls are a good fit. Perhaps online commerce is not a significant part of how a company does business. Sometimes other forms of customer engagement have a more reliable return.

This might be the case for some highly specialized companies. But knowing exactly how live transfer leads work will give decision-makers the information required to determine if this form of engagement is truly useful. Consumer buying behavior is changing in many ways. So companies need to rethink traditional forms of engagement and be willing to adapt to different economic circumstances.

How Live Transfer Leads Work

The human dimension of the sales experience should never be underestimated. Connecting one-on-one with a customer changes the sales experience in a fundamental way. Bringing this human element to the online sales process has historically been expensive and time-consuming. It requires a phone bank staffed during all normal business hours.

Today, it is possible to partner with an organization that provides this service. This leaves company employees free to do the work that they are best at. This sample scenario illustrates how a transfer of live leads might function:

  1. A consumer searches online for answers to their insurance questions, researches agents, policies, and more.

  2. The customer receives information regarding the products or services their interested in. Then they're guided to the online shopping funnel. Finally they submit information to compare quotes from agents.

  3. Consumer information is verified and screened before they are transferred to a live helpline or otherwise arrange a phone conversation.

  4. Once the phone conversation has been initiated, the customer is provided more information about the product or service of interest to them directly by an agent.

  5. The customer makes their purchasing choice and the sales process is completed.

This example illustrates how human interaction at multiple levels gives the customer a higher degree of engagement with the company. Speaking with a live agent helps the customer identify exactly which product or service they are most interested in. This information allows the insurance agent to direct them to the most appropriate sales team. Validating customer interest provides highly accurate information regarding purchasing decisions. It also helps the company understand how their sales process can be continually refined.

Reaching New Customers, Re-engaging With Existing Customers

Live transfer leads can be an important part of efforts to reach out to new customer bases, re-engage with past clients, and maintain strong ties with current clients. These three distinct customer populations require slightly different approaches. Depending on the organization, they may even interact with the sales process in slightly different manners.

Devising detailed sales funnels for each of these client populations can be time-consuming. And it may not even achieve the desired results. Live lead transfers can be a much more effective way of addressing the diverse and sometimes subtle needs of these groups. Partnering with an organization capable of providing a phone bank staffed with skilled, US-based employees is a good way to address the various concerns affecting these different client groups.

Once contact has been established or reestablished, an actual person has a much better chance of completing the sales process successfully. Furthermore, this personal contact is more memorable, which keeps the company and the product fresh in the mind of the customer. Establishing a positive connection between customer and company also opens up several opportunities. These include the sale of related services, engagement in opt-in advertising, and the pursuit of other goals relevant to that company.

Choosing a Live Transfer Service

Companies of all sizes need to rethink the way that customer engagement is cultivated. Transforming leads is an essential operation. Partnering with expert agencies can be an excellent choice, however, nailing down your pitch and sales cycle is just as important as getting in touch with customers.